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Linux Game Developer is a section hosted by Piga Software that attempts to help aspiring developers to create free software games for the GNU/Linux platform. This site is aiming to host tutorials, multimedia resources, and provide links to the best and easiest game creation tools in the world of GNU/Linux development.


  • Wikimedia Commons
  • freetems
  • Public Domain Content
  • FreeGameDev (Resources List)
  • DevSader
  • Obiwannabe
  • Game Maker Forum Resources (check licensing for each)
  • YoYo Games Resourcse

Sprites/3D Models

  • Reiner's Tilesets
  • Public domain 3D models
  • (Partial Backup)
  • The People's Domain
  • Openclipart
  • Free Game Arts
  • G.M. Spectre Open Source Sprite Sheets
  • Open Icon Library
  • (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported)


  • AccuStudio Textures
  • TextureLib
  • Free Texture Site
  • Photos Public Domain
  • TRaK Textures
  • Ben Cloward's Texture Archive (public domain)
  • Martin's Reference Photos (public domain, GNU General Public License 2.0)
  • Burning Well images (public domain)

Sound Effects

  • The Freesound Project (Creative Commons licenses)
  • pdsounds
  • Absolute Sound Effects Archive
  • A1 Free Sound Effects
  • LibriVox spoken audio


  • Lynne Music (freely re-distributable under certain conditions, semi-free!)
  • ccMixter (Creative Commons licenses)
  • Incompetech Incompetech (Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported)
  • Jamendo (Creative Commons licenses)
  • opsound (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike, public domain)
  • Mutopia (Creative Commons licenses)
  • Free Music Archive (Creative Commons licenses)
  • Nosopradio (Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported)
  • (public domain)
  • Public Domain Information Project (public domain)
  • Open Music Archive (public domain)
  • Musopen (public domain)


  • Gambas Documentation
  • FreeBASIC Support
  • pygame Documentation
  • pygame Tutorials
  • Game Editor Documentation
  • G-Creator Documentation
  • Novashell Documentation
  • Novashell Scripting Reference

Code Examples

  • "Gambas Examples"
  • Gambas OpenGL examples
  • comisat Games Collection (Gambas)
  • "Bounce" (Gambas)
  • Gambas Basic Games

Tools and Utilities

Development Tools

  • Gambas is a powerful easy-to-use free software BASIC language (inspired by Visual Basic) perfect to build your game with.
  • FreeBASIC is another, more CLI-oriented, BASIC dialect created by the QBasic community. Many games made with it already exist.
  • pygame is a popular set of libraries for the Python scripting language extending and simplifying game development.
  • Game Editor is a free software/commercial point-and-click game creator that can run on GNU/Linux systems.
  • MegaZeux is the free software descendant of the cult classic ZZT game creator/interpreter. Some games can be found here.
  • Novashell is a free software game creation system.
  • Adventure Game Studio is a popular and now free software tool for the creation of SCUMM-type graphic adventure games.

Development Libraries

  • Simple DirectMedia Layer is a widely used free software multimedia rendering library (comparable to DirectX on Microsoft Windows).
  • Mesa 3D is a widely used free software OpenGL implementation (comparable to Direct3D on Microsoft Windows)), allowing for hardware accelerated graphics rendering (most commonly 3D).
  • QT is a widely used free software toolkit, allowing for powerful graphical user interface rendering.
  • GTK is another widely used free software toolkit, allowing for powerful graphical user interface rendering.
  • Physics Abstraction Layer is a free software cross-platform physical simulation API abstraction system.


  • ioquake3 is a powerful free software 3D engine based on the engine from Quake III Arena (id Tech 3). GtkRadiant is a favourite tool.
  • DarkPlaces is a powerful highly modified free software version of the 3D engine used in Quake; also GtkRadiant compatible.
  • Cube/Sauerbraten are free software 3D engines. Can also be used through Sandbox 3D Game Creator.
  • Irrlicht is free software 3D engine known aiming for ease of use and wide hardware compatibility.
  • OGRE is a scene-oriented, real-time, flexible 3D rendering engine.
  • Crystal Space is a framework for developing 3D applications typically used as a game engine but can be used for any kind of 3D visualization.
  • Cafu Engine is built with a modular architecture so as to avoid program constructs and libraries that are specific to any given platform.
  • Godot is a recently free software game engine aiming to provide similar ease as Unity.
  • Stratagus is a powerful free software real time strategy game engine inspired by Warcraft II.
  • Spring is a free software game engine for 3D real-time strategy games supporting Lua scripting.
  • Ren'Py is a popular free software game engine designed for the creation of visual novels.
  • Our own Gambas engines may be edited and used under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3.

Multimedia Tools

  • GNU Image Manipulation Program is a powerful free software raster graphics editor.
  • KolourPaint is a easy-to-use free software raster graphics editor.
  • MyPaint is an extensive free software program for painting and editing.
  • Inkscape is a powerful free software vector graphics editor.
  • Synfig is a free software vector animation tool with tweening.
  • Audacity is a powerful free software digital audio editor.
  • Rosegarden is a free software MIDI composer.
  • Blender is a powerful free software 3D modeller and animator.
  • Misfit Model 3D is a capable lightweight 3D modelling tool.
  • Kdenlive is functional free software video editing software.
  • OpenShot is a usable free software video editor.
  • Dia a program designed to make diagrams, charts and maps.

Emulation Tools

Made a game for another system, and want to give it GNU/Linux support without porting it?

  • DOSBox is a free software emulator for MSDOS programs.
  • Wine is a free software compatibility layer for Microsoft Windows programs, allowing you to run them on top of GNU/Linux.

Note: in general we recommend a native port as they run better than emulation-based solutions.