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Nightfall is a game made by Piga Software for Halloween 2022. It is a scrolling shooter where the player armed with a shotgun faces attacks from various monsters and has to dodge or shoot them, before facing a final battle with a vampire at the five minute mark. It was written in Gambas 3.17.3 and uses Qt 5 for windowing and SDL 2 for audio. Graphics are sourced from the CC0 library from Openclipart with sounds from the public domain portion of Freesound with music from Development tools used include the Gambas IDE, Inkscape, Audacity, KolourPaint on top of Fedora GNU/Linux.


  • Player - can move forward or backward, jump and crouch.
    • Armed with a shotgun.


Damages player on contact.

  • Zombie - rushes the player from the right
  • Wolf - rushes the player from the left
  • Demon - lowers at the player from the top
  • Spectre - rises at the player from the bottom
  • Witch - flies down at the player from the top right
  • Bat - flies down at the player from the top left
  • Mummy - rushes the player from the background
  • Nosferatu - final boss, blocks the way forward
    • Shoots skulls at the player and is instant death to touch


  • Shells - reloads ammo queue up to four
  • Bloodbag - Regenerates health
  • Heart - Restores full health


"I think the graphics are very good and smooth."

"Nice art and atmosphere!"


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