PigaVision/Fedora Install Instructions


Fedora Install Guide

All the dependencies you should need are in the Fedora Repository, make sure you have to following packages installed: gambas-runtime, sdl, and xvattr. GTK and Xrandr should be installed on your system already if you are using Fedora 9 or above.


To install PigaVision on a Fedora system, proceed to the PigaVision Piga Wiki Article. Find the downloads section and click on the link called “Fedora RPM Package”, then select to to download it to your home directory. Once it has successfully downloaded, open a terminal. Type the “su” command followed your root password to grant your terminal root privileges. Once this is completed, type “yum localinstall pigavision-1.2.0.noarch.rpm" into your terminal window and follow all prompts. Once yum announces that the install is complete you may run PigaVision on you system.


To load PigaVision, open a terminal window and type “PigaVision”. Once the program is loaded, view its Help and About for more information on running and using PigaVision. If you are still experiencing trouble please post questions using the Piga Software forum: http://piga.7.forumer.com/

Feel free to distribute this guide on your own websites.