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Rebirth Enemy: Axe Zombie Concept Art

Rebirth is a First Person Shooter project by Piga Software. It going to be the first game to be made with PS Tech 1 an OpenGL, Gambas first person shooter engine Piga Software is going to develop. Graham Wilson a Piga Software programmer and co-founder stated that "The First FPS we intend to make is REBIRTH. A Blood inspired game. We are not sure on what direction the game will go but we assure you one thing. A Undead Caleb style Anti-Hero and a dark god to destroy". He also said this about the planned SR 1.0 release of Rebirth: "It should contain one level with rudimentary architecture a few enemies and so forth. It will contain some one liners from the main character and the god will taunt you at the end and tell you that you should contribute". Graham later released a first draft for the basic beginning plot of the game on December 14th 2007, though there is interest from the staff and even Graham himself to make some revisions to add a dynamic akin to Caleb's intent to avenge the Chosen in Blood. The project might be slowed down as the Piga staff are getting more involved with a fan project more directly related to Blood.


Note: As development advances plot details may be subject to change.

It is 1850, you are a trapper and fur trader for the Hudson's Bay Company in the uncharted Boreal forests of Ruperts Land. You have been assigned to set up a new trading post for the HBC, but when you reach the chosen area you find that nobody lives there. Your first nations guides inform you that according to local legend, a dark demon lives in this forest, raising the dead and casting evil. Though the dark tales send a shiver down your spine, you decide that it is just a foolish savage myth and you will continue on without your guides.

During the first night, you hear strange chantings and smell bond fires and horrible smells. Shaken you load your sawed-off and head in the direction of the chanting. You find a clearing and see that it is a first nations burial ground. Watching in absolute horror, you see quite clearly that there is a giant vaguely humanoid beast casting spells in the centre of the cemetery. Then you see corpses rise from their graves. Terrified you run for your life and decide that you will leave tomorrow and hope that the undead will not find you.

As soon as dawn broke you immediately packed up what you needed to survive the journey back to civilization. Then prepared to leave, but suddenly you felt compelled to stay. You feel a great wickedness envelope you. Your eyes turn blood red, a hideous smile appears across your lips. "The power of the beast shall be mine" you utter and then break into a convulsive ghastly laugh. You drop your travel gear and and load your weapons and head in the direction of the ancient terror you had discovered.

When you reach the first nations burial ground you find that the beast and the undead that it had spawned where gone. However you are, or where a great huntsmen and you use your tracking skills for your evil quest for power. You follow the footprints of evil to a temple. The beasts emblem: a giant clawed hand, rests over the door. You blow the door off this place of wickedness with your sawed-off. Inside you see the beast sitting in a throne of human skulls drinking blood. "MU HA HA HA HA! A fresh victim for my torture!" the creature says in a voice worse to only to that of the devil himself. "Your wrong, I have come to make you my victim! Your powers shall be mine demon!" You say, your voice deep and hoarse due to the evil that had consumed you. However you did not get a chance to utter another word as in a flash of red you are turned into naught but ashes. The horrible demon of the forests lets out a cold shrill laugh of pleasure at your apparent demise.

Decades pass, your memory had long since been forgotten. Long ago had the demon moved away from this spot in his quest to find places to commit greater acts of evil. Your ashes had lied in the burial ground undisturbed for eons. However in the year 1929, the ashes formed together into a human form. You awake! A desire for blood and vengeance rises with in you, and thus your great quest begins!

Enemies and People[edit]

Note: As development advances creature details may be subject to change.

1. Axe Zombie: undead persons wielding tomahawks. Ouch! "Bhuudesco pretaanluxis"

2. Cultists: the dark beast has organized since your encounter. He now commands a legion of human followers. They wield Tommy Guns and don't you forget it.

3. Hell Wolves: in first nations mythology wolves have always been sinister characters. Watch out for these ones if you do not wish to become a quick snack.

4. Undead Fur Traders: look out for these guys! They are out for your hide!

5. War Chief: once a brave leader of a tribe, now your worst nightmare.

6. Trickster: Look out for this guy, you never know it is him or not!

7. Undead Metis:The Metis are skilled bison hunters. Now they are after something a little less massive.

8. Undead Mounties: once the lawmen of the west, now the soldiers of the creature, watch for them and their mount. ""

9. Priest of the Demon: practitioners of dark magic, powerful sorcerers! "Pestis cruento rudsceleratus "

10. Survivors: men and women who have lasted this far, mercy or death to them? Your choice. "PrayaNavita malax!"

11. The Demon: the great evil that lied in the forests. It is time to fight for your vengeance and the beasts powers. Be warned! He is not a weak foe! "Geropayati domus durbentia!"


Note: As development advances item details may be subject to change.

1. Pitch Fork: your melee weapon. Gives you something to fall back on in case of low ammo.

2. Revolver: a nice friendly revolver pistol, just like Doctor Watson. Ammo: Revolver cartridges.

3. Sawed-off shotgun: a famous weapon of the North American west. Use it wisely. Ammo: Shotgun Shells

4. Thompson Machine Gun: the famous weapon of the mob. Now being employed by the demons followers. Powerful but burns though ammo quickly. Ammo: Machine Gun Rounds.

5. Nitroglycerin bomb: a bomb commonly used by Chinese rail way workers during the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Also a major cause of the high death toll. Use carefully or be toasted. Ammo: Nitroglycerin

6. Pemmican: the food of the north-west, this salted meat is a good pick-me-up after a long fire fight.

7. First Aid Kit: provide some minor relief for your sufferings.

8. Healing of the Devil: bounces you up to 200 health. Though it kills a piece of the soul, like you care!

9. Doctors Bag: portable medicine! Heal on the go!