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AGM Labs

AGM Labs is a first person Role Playing Game being developed by Piga Software. The game is being developed in Gambas and is intended to run on Linux and other Unix like systems. AGM Labs features graphics mostly from the FreeDoom project. It will feature a story in the style of id Software's Doom series, but it intends to be more developed and may become more different as development progress.


This may be subject to change as the game develops.

AGM Labs focuses on the player making tactical decisions on how to best go through AGM Labs areas. There will be various challenges in the game which we need to be passed using hints, previous experience, and occasional luck. Some challenges can be solved using your weapon, but this cost valuable ammunition. You also have to watch your health. If you make a non-lethal wrong decisions, then it goes down. This means you also have to manage your recourse as well as make decisions.