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System(s): GNU/Linux, Unix-like

Type(s): Strategy

Engine(s): Gambas Terminal Engine 1.0

Genre(s): Historical

Designer(s): Graham L. Wilson

Coder(s): Graham L. Wilson

Artwork: Self-made

Soundtrack: None

Version: 1.5.0

First Release: July 13, 2023

Latest Release: July 14, 2023

Code Base: Gambas 3.x

Middleware: ncurses (display)

License(s): GNU General Public License 3 or later

Running through a VT131 video terminal

ASCIIlization is a game made by Piga Software for the June 2023 LibreJam. It is a terminal based hotseat mutliplayer turn based strategy game. Currently only training units and collecting resources is finished, so players instead compete for the higher score by harvesting resources and upgrading units. Units are assigned various tools to be used on different items. It was written in Gambas 3.17.3 and uses ncurses for display. Development tools used include the Gambas IDE and gedit on top of Fedora GNU/Linux. A point release was sent out on July 14th due to an error in the resource gathering code. The underlying Gambas Terminal Engine is based on the still unfinished ncurses adaptation of Windys.


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