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This article lists the various characters in Piga Software games.

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Ed Donut[edit]

Ed Donut

See Also: Donut Quest

Ed Donut is a regular character in the Brogo web comic strip, he is also the protagonist of Donut Quest. In the realm of the strip he works as an assistant to Michelle the mechanic, who is in charge of fixing the robots Brogo and Frobo. It doesn't seem obvious why she bothers to employ him though, given that he spends most of his time slacking around and eating donuts. Donut eating is in fact his personal obsession (which according to several polls, is a common Canadian past time), hence his last name. As introduced in strips from November and December 2005 he does not get along well with spiders.

Both his donut obsession and and spider distaste collide in Donut Quest, when he hears on television that the "Smart Donuts" factory is closing down and going to be demolished the very next day. Eager not to let any stale old donut go to waste he predictably rushes over, and finds just the quarry he was looking for, unfortunately guarded to the hilt by spiders. Picking of stray spray cans of insecticide he decides to fight his way and eat the donuts. After fighting through many areas of the factory he meets Old Hairy, the master spider. Upon defeating the giant arachnid, he hears workmen approaching outside, setting up dynamite. Rushing away from the scene, extra donuts in bag, he jumps out the window just as the building implodes. Pulling himself up, black and bruised, he contemplates the wisdom of his actions, "Maybe I should not have done that?". "Nah!" he decides, showing a smile with broken teeth.

Alexei Volkov[edit]

Alexei Volkov

See Also: Alexei: Part IX, Alexei: Part XIII

Alexei Volkov is the main character of the game Alexei: Part IX. Although little is revealed about his back story, he is described as a master criminal and a skilled thief. He dresses in a gray suit with a gray bowler hat, as well as wearing a black bow tie. He also has a wile sense of humour, with a tendency to speak out clever witticisms or just groan-inducing puns. He is also evidentially a rich man after the events of Alexei: Part IX, although no one knows what he uses the money for.

Windy's Patron[edit]


See Also: Windys

A humble white collar worker at a large monotonous company, whose personal refuge from the rigors of office life is the fast food restaurant Windys. One day he returned there to find the place changed, darkly light, and employed with zombies. He was too weary to care, other than noticing the shifty new manager, and ordered his burger. The zombie attendant did as ordered and brought out an excellent tasting burger, excellent that is until he passed out. He awoke to find himself in the zombie infested back rooms of the restaurant. From there he fought his way through the hordes using ketchup packets as a weapon, and collecting fast food treats as he went along. He eventually found and defeated the new manager after his legion of super zombies. Afterwards he took the manager's keys and started to pig out in a store room, before learning the nauseating secret behind the Windys and the purpose of the zombie army. Brushing off the surprise, he continued to eat.


Worker, Quenching Liquid, Conjurer & Warrior

See Also: Lamp Refugee

The Genies are a peaceful magical race. At the start of the game they have been trapped in the dark realm of their enemies the <span class="plainlinks"><span style="color:black;font-weight:normal;text-decoration:none!important;background:none!important; text-decoration:none;">psychics</span></span>. There <span class="plainlinks"><span style="color:black;font-weight:normal;text-decoration:none!important;background:none!important; text-decoration:none;">psychic reading</span></span> leader during this time is the hero Quenching Liquid, though little about him has been revealed. Genie society is divided into several castes - the workers who build and mine, the Warriors who attack and defend, the Conjurers who heal and use magic, and the Alchemists who reside in the Palaces and convert one type of magic to another. Genie architecture is similarly divided. Palaces are the bases of a town, allowing Genies to be created, templates for new buildings to be placed, working as a drop off point for mined resources, and allowing for the Alchemists to do their work. Barracks are used to create and train Warriors and Conjurers. Both of these buildings have the best Genie mines ready to complete new research. Also Storage Pit buildings allow for more varied places to function as resource drop off points.

Santa Claus[edit]

Santa Claus

See Also: Piga's Santa Drop Down

Santa Claus is a kind benevolent elf from the far north who every Christmas gives gifts to the nice and coal to the naughty children of the world. That said he is not as young as he used to be and is not beyond using the laws of nature to make his job easier - in this case the force of gravity. Within the game Santa has wandered on top of an red brick building over looking a road commonly traversed by the hoards of youth. He has two sacks, one of gifts and one of coal, on either side of the roof and is ready to drop down the relevant items to the relative kids. He is ably assisted by his elves and reindeer controlling his sleigh who are ready at a moments notice to fly over and drop in more gifts and coal into Santa's sacks. Santa is very sensitive about his work and takes great joy in giving the correct item and will exclaim his iconic jolly laugh but will also be very upset if he misses and say gives coal to the nice. Although not his favourite option he is not entirely disappointed when his aim fails and the gift or coal harmlessly falls to the ground.



See Also: Piga's New Years Dodge 'Em

The balloonist the player controls appears to be a fellow who enjoys taking a ride through the sky during the peace of night. This being so, what better way to bring in the New Year then take a spin out in the hot air balloon? And so he did. Maybe he did not plan out his flight plan well enough or maybe he simply was blown off course but for whatever reason his voyage was ill-fated. Drifting off over a part of town where down bellow people are preparing to usher in the New Years dawn he had little knowledge that soon he would be flying through dangerous skies. As the countdown ended he probably could see what was coming but had no time to react before the fireworks started to erupt around him. He is left with little choice but to dodge them as best as he can while trying to stay airborne and to make matters worse it was near the end of his trip and so he has only so much fuel left! Oh well, every flier needs to understand that what goes up must come down - it is just a matter of how smoothly. At any rate, it will certainly be one New Years experience he will never forget!



See Also: Over the Top


Old Hairy[edit]

Old Hairy

See Also: Donut Quest

Old Hairy is the master spider residing in the old dilapidated donut factory where Donut Quest takes place. He appears to be the spider's leader and is much larger than any other arachnid encountered. He is immediately recognizable due to his two large white fangs and glowing red eyes, not to mention his ten hairy legs. Ed encounters him the final level "Old Hairy", where he sits on the top of the level. Once encountered he emits swarm after swarm of large dangerous webs down towards the hapless Ed. The best way to defeat him is rapid fire.

Anthony Prescott[edit]

Prescott's Portrait

See Also: Alexei: Part IX

Anthony Prescott is a cruel and ruthless business man with a large fortune and an even bigger ego. He is the owner of the mansion Alexei Volkov chose to burgle, partially due to he large wealth and partially due to his attitude. Evidence of his personality are evident in the books he decided to keep (such as "How to Exploit Your Selfish Gene"), and the way he treats his servants and the people around him. At the end of Alexei: Part IX he chases after Alexei with a shotgun, until being distracted by Katerina, Prescott's infuriated lover, burning his house down after receiving an offensive letter from Prescott.



See Also: Windys

A new and unconventional manager of the Windys restaurant, known for his overall sinister feel and silver lined raven dark hair. He took over the Windys company a little while before the setting of Windys. The player first encountered Victor as he ordered his hamburger, noticing him sitting on another table staring at him. After the player consumed his burger he starts to pass out, the last thing he saw was Victor approach. Once waking up one of his main objectives is to find him, which he does after nine levels of battle with Victor's new zombie employees, in his personal kitchen where he brews trouble and new corporate schemes. After defeating his personal legion of super zombies the player came up and killed him. Staring down at Victor's greasy body, he decided that he would like to have some more grease food. He took out a key from Victor's pocket and proceeded to pig out in the store room, before noticing a label that explained Victor's entire plan. Victor brought in the zombies to spice up a dull menu with the introduction of "zombie burgers", a very nauseating realization indeed. However, the player shrugged it off and continued to eat.


Prescott's Servant[edit]

See Also: Alexei: Part IX

A character that is only mentioned in the back story, he assisted Alexei into Prescott's mansion.


See Also: Alexei: Part IX

Anthony Prescott's lover, who seems to have been in finical debt to him. Rather than just letting the problem go, he continued to send her more and more threatening demands. This culminated in a letter found by Alexei Volkov while he was robbing Prescott's mansion, which tersely demanded immediate payment, singed "much love, Prescott." Between Alexei finding the letter and his discovery in the mansion by Prescott the message was delivered to her, which caused Alexei to quip "I really must commend the speed of your messengers." Infuriated by this most recent demand, Katerina decided to help herself, flamethrower in hand. Threatening to burn Prescott's mansion down, not to mention his suit, Prescott's attention was turned away from the cornered Alexei, allowing him to escape. The fate of Prescott and Katerina is unknown. She is named for Katerina Bartikovsky.

Nice Children[edit]

Nice Children

See Also: Piga's Santa Drop Down

Children! Have you been a good boy or girl this year? Parents! Have your spawn behaved themselves? If so then they are privileged enough to have entered a special place in Santa Claus's favour and shall be receiving their present rewards forthwith! That is if they don't run too fast... Santa's aim is not quite as good as it once was perhaps. And remember kids to be kind and courteous after receiving your present and please do not be too miffed should you accidentally receive a lump of coal. All complaints can be fired at Santa's secretary office after the sleigh bell rings... ring... sorry! Don't worry we'll make it up to you next Christmas! We swear. Coal is a precious and dwindling resource you know! It could be worse!

Sleigh Team[edit]

Sleigh Team

See Also: Piga's Santa Drop Down

What with his advanced age where would Santa Claus be without his trusty elf helpers making him the toys he gives out to the world's children? Where would he be without his dependable team of reindeer to transport him? Where would he be without his sturdy sleigh made out of the finest wood from just bellow the Arctic tree line? The answers do not even bear thinking about. Within the game the elves are always on call to give Santa more gifts and coal when he runs out by driving the reindeer over and doing some dropping of their own. And they never grumble about it to! Santa ought to double the reindeer's hay ration! Also, maybe a pay raise is in order before the elves unionize themselves or something... no this was not written by us elves! Oops...

Allied Soldiers[edit]

Allied Soldiers

See Also: Over the Top




See Also: Donut Quest

Spiders are the enemies in Donut Quest, and they make their home in the dilapidated "Smart Donuts" factory. They swarm Ed after he interlopes into their factory, looking for donuts. In the game they come downwards at Ed as he makes his way through the factory. They are all presumably killed when workmen detonate the factory, unless they sensed it coming.


See Also: Windys

Employees of the Windys fast food restaurant recruited from the ranks of the undead. They are amazingly stupid animals, spending their time patrolling one section of the restaurant. A few of them work in the public area and service the customer's needs, though hardly service with a smile. If someone gets in the way of their patrols, they will injure them.

Super Zombies[edit]

See Also: Windys

Elite employees of the Windys fast food restaurant recruited from the ranks of the undead. They serve as the manager's personal entourage and stay with him in his personal kitchen, from where he brews trouble and new corporate schemes. They are smarter than their lesser counterparts and know how to climb down ladders and return to their master when they leave the room. Victor can regenerate them if one is killed.


See Also: Lamp Refugee

A race of fiery beings that have trapped the Genies in their "barren and oppressive realm." There civilization is notably similar to that of the Genies, only tainted with malevolence and malcontent. Instead of Palaces they have Fortresses and instead of Barracks they have War Halls. The nature of their plans and their leader has not been revealed.


See Also: Lamp Refugee

Gremlins are short purple creatures that reside in the Spectres realm. They enjoy building nests near magic mines and will defend their nests and thus the mines from any intruder - both Spectre of Genie. Sometimes a brave Gremlin will attempt to attack a member of a more advanced race.



See Also: Piga's Thanksgiving Dinner Hunt

Turkeys are the main characters of Piga's Thanksgiving Dinner Hunt. Plentiful but not very bright they inhabit the green pastures seen in the game. The player's job is to collect as much turkey dinner as possible by first roasting then collecting the then prepared turkeys. One need not worry about them going extinct however because as one falls another one is just as quick to take its place. In between roasting they amuse themselves but wandering around gobbling to themselves. They do not seem to have a well developed fear reflex and con see up to four of their kin roasted without it disturbing their peaceful wanderings. No one knows if they have a social structure; they just gobble. Period. Stupid things.

Note: we have raised turkeys, they really are not that bright. Useful though for encouraging the cautiously thinking chickens, if that can be imagined. Graham 20:56, 25 November 2010 (IST)

Naughty Children[edit]

Naughty Children

See Also: Piga's Santa Drop Down

Listen up wretched little ones! Santa Claus knows what you have done! You have made it onto the naughty list! You will receive no presents this year! As punishment get ready to receive nought but a dirty lump of coal. Santa has no sympathy for you after all that you did! Try again better next year and maybe, just maybe the coal will be nice and gift-wrapped this time! What?! What do you mean they just hock it off to the energy companies! That is not the point at all! Oh well... we will resolve that little problem later. Just know this, Santa does not tolerate such shenanigans lightly. All those lives irreparably damaged. That is right! I am looking at you Timmy! Stay away from that paint gun this year! Does everyone get the message?! Good.

German Gunners[edit]

Allied Soldier

See Also: Over the Top

German Patroller[edit]

Allied Soldier

See Also: Over the Top