Cutout Coliseum

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Graham Wilson puppet in Cutout Coliseum

Cutout Coliseum is a component of Piga Animator focused on cutout animation. Development started in December 2017 with the intent of creating animated avatars for YouTube similar to channels such as TheOdd1sOut or Extra Credits. It is powered by the underlying Gambas Performance System. Its most critical implementation is a grid based system ensuring the various pieces are properly scalable while maintaining proportions and spacing. To ensure flexibility, pixel-based transformations can then be applied as offsets atop the grid positioning.


Parts Menu[edit]

For control of each individual cutout component.

Billboard Menu[edit]

Controls the left or right billboards.

Groups Menu[edit]

For control of groups of cutout elements.

Character Menu[edit]

Posing and expressions.

Actions Menu[edit]

Controls speech and pre-defined movements and transformations.


A list of speech files from Speech Generator that produces spoken dialogue.


A selection of pose-to-pose instructions to carry out an action.

Environment Menu[edit]

Backdrop and renderer settings.