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Windows 98 desktop

Flitwick (previously called Snape) is the oldest laptop used by Piga Software, and was once technical director Graham L. Wilson's main computer, before Snape (which inherited its original name) and Nomad. The machine's name comes from the character of Flitwick from the Harry Potter books. It is currently running a copy of Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition. The inverter in Flitwick's internal LCD display was temporally broken for a period of months in late 2007, however it was later repaired in January 2008; a process that was later repeated. From the summer of 2008 until November of that year its power cord did not work. It last had Windows re-installed over December of 2008.

On the naming scheme: "I don't know how we ended up on Harry Potter names, since we have never liked them in particular, compared to anything else. The main point of it was to continue the tradition of comparing Microsoft to a famous fictional evil. Star Wars and Star Trek references have been overdone, and Harry Potter was another famous fictional universe to reference (we name our Windows computers and virtual machines after the villains and the GNU/Linux computers after the heroes' names). Though I do have my gripes against J.K. Rowling, and particularly her publishers, due to copyright bullying and abuses, see: http://www.stallman.org/harry-potter.html" - Graham L. Wilson.