Gambas Map Format

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The Gambas Map Format is the standard map format for all of the Piga Software game engines. As of early 2023 interoperability with Tiled and the TMX format is being considered.


One line per grid point, with commas separating elements and carriage returns defining the next point.

  • # (Identifier)
  • X: (X coordinate)
  • Y: (Y coordinate)
  • Z: (Z coordinate)
  • A: (Angle)
  • W: (Width value)
  • H: (Height value)
  • D: (Depth value)
  • S: (Scale factor)
  • L: (Luminance)
  • C: (Colouration)
  • T: (Translucency)
  • B: (Base graphic)
  • O: (Overlay graphic)
  • K: (Kind)
  • M: (Material)
  • N: (Notification)


#0, X: 22, Y: 22, Z: 0, A: 0, W: 32, H: 32, D: 0, S: 1, L: 1, C: Green, T: 100, B: "One.png", O: "Two.png", K: "Block", M: "Stone", N: "Stone wall blocks the way."


Engines to use the format.