Gambas Statistics Engine

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Piga Nation screenshot
Piga Nation screenshot
Gambas Statistics Engine

System(s): GNU/Linux, Unix-like

Type(s): Game data manipulation

Designer(s): Graham L. Wilson

Coder(s): Graham L. Wilson

Version: Pre-Release

Games: Piga Nation, Free Empires: Age of War (QBasic)

First Release: TBD

Latest Release: TBD

Code Base: Gambas

Middleware: Qt/GTK+, SDL

License(s): GNU General Public License

The Gambas Statistics Engine is a game engine being developed by Piga Software for use in statistic heavy games, such as strategy and role-playing games, based on doing calculations and tally keeping and then displaying the results through a game-specific customized system of graphical displays. It is currently being built for Piga Nation, a strategy game based on governing a nation from the seat of power, and responding to raw data rather than ordering units and structures. Development of this engine began in October 2007 by Graham L. Wilson, making it one of the earliest engine drafts started by Piga in Gambas.

List of Games[edit]