Gambas Terminal Engine

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ASCIIlization Screenshot
ASCIIlization Screenshot
Gambas Terminal Engine

System(s): GNU/Linux, Unix-like

Type(s): Text-based

Designer(s): Graham L. Wilson

Coder(s): Graham L. Wilson

Version: 1.0.0 (as of ASCIIlization)

Games: ASCIIlization

First Release: ASCIIlization (2023)

Latest Release: ASCIIlization (2023)

Code Base: Gambas

Middleware: ncurses (display), SDL 2 (audio)

License(s): GNU General Public License 3 or later

ASCIIlization running through a VT131 video terminal

The Gambas Terminal Engine is a two dimensional game engine written by Graham L. Wilson for the use of single screen text-based terminal games using ASCII art. It is derived from the old ncurses based Pong example for Gambas.

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