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System(s): GNU/Linux, Unix-like

Type(s): First Person Maze

Engine(s): PS Tech (revision two beta)

Genre(s): Horror

Designer(s): Graham L. Wilson

Coder(s): Graham L. Wilson

Artwork: Openclipart, others

Soundtrack: None

Version: 1.2.0

First Release: April 7, 2021

Latest Release: May 31, 2021

Code Base: Gambas 3.x

Middleware: Qt 5 (interfaces), OpenGL 2.1 (rendering), SDL 2 (audio),

License(s): GNU General Public License 3 or later

Hedged is a game made by Piga Software for the April 2021 LibreJam. It is a first-person three dimensional maze game with a horror theme. Set in a snowy hedge garden reminiscent of The Shining, the player attempts to find the exit while evading their suddenly murderous wife. It was written in Gambas 3.15.2 and uses Qt 5 for interfaces, SDL 2 for audio and OpenGL 2.1 for rendering. Created in six days for the April 2021 LibreJam whose theme was "snowed in", it features a beta version of the second revision of the PS Tech engine. Graphics are sourced from the CC0 library from Openclipart as well as public domain texture sources with sounds from the public domain portion of Freesound. Development tools used include the Gambas IDE, Inkscape, Audacity, GIMP and KolourPaint on top of Fedora GNU/Linux. An updated version with numerous fixes, new menus and cosmetic upgrades was released on May 31, 2021.



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