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Welcome to PigaLore![edit]

Welcome to PigaLore, the wiki of Piga Software; we are a cooperative of programmers developing free software for GNU/Linux, and occasionally other systems, with a particular emphasis on game development. Our software is released under the GNU General Public License version 3, though some individual files within projects might be under other copyleft/share-alike licenses and are listed in project copyright disclaimers. Some content from our games by MWM may also be available under the GFDL and CC BY-SA on their wiki database.

Although we have used Visual Basic 6, QBasic, Game Maker and even ZZT-oop, most current projects are built in Gambas - a free software BASIC-style OOP programming language consisting of a integrated development environment and run-time, inspired by Visual Basic and Java, that is well suited to rapid application development. Our particular areas of interest are strategy, adventure and platformers, first-person games and interactive narrative, often with a sense of humour; though we work on whatever suits us at the time, and some projects are developed for a specific use case, as well as general use applications.

To find out more start exploring from the links provided!

There are currently 68 articles and 161 images on the wiki!


Organization: Piga Software (10th Anniversary), Hamish Paul Wilson, Graham Lawrence Wilson, Malcolm Wilson Multimedia, PigaLore, Timeline

Piga Animator: Piga Animator (Sprite Stage, Cutout Coliseum, Speech Generator), Gambas Performance System

Free Empires: Free Empires, Lamp Refugee (source releases), Free Empires: Age of War (in-development, MS-DOS), Gambas Genie

Holidays: Piga's Pumpkin Carving, Piga's Thanksgiving Dinner Hunt, Piga's Santa Drop Down, Piga's New Years Dodge 'Em, Over the Top, Nightfall, Piga 3D Easter Egg Hunt

Alexei Volkov Series: Alexei: Part IX (released), Alexei: Part XIII (preview release)

LibreJam: Hull Breach (released), Hedged (released), Bring Them On (released), Mosquito (released), ASCIIlization (released)

Other Games: Donut Quest (released), Windys (released), Piga Nation (in-development), Childish Cannoneer (suspended)

Other Applications: PigaVision (released), Soul Capture (released)

Systems: Gambas Tile System, Gambas Performance System, Gambas Physics System, Gambas Map Format, Crustacean of Bethany


Miscellaneous: Gambas Examples (released), List of Piga characters, Piga, Gambas, GNU General Public License, Coder Epiphany



Source Releases

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