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Mosquito is a game made by Piga Software for the December 2021 LibreJam. It is an arcade game based on quick reflexes. The player controls a prehistoric giant mosquito, preserved pregnant in amber and recently revived. It must feed on a human in order to resurrect its species, while avoiding having it all end in one quick smack. It was written in Gambas 3.16.2 and uses Qt 5 for windowing and SDL 2 for audio. Graphics are sourced from the CC0 library from Openclipart with sounds from the public domain portion of Freesound. Development tools used include the Gambas IDE, Inkscape, Audacity, KolourPaint on top of Fedora GNU/Linux. An updated version was released on January 31, 2022 that featured a custom options menu among various tweaks such as animation. It uses a mouse oriented incarnation of version two of the Gambas Arcade Engine.


"The game: very good! It is a casual game that puts you in the, mhh, body of an annoying female mosquito trying to feed on a human (who knows how male mosquitoes survive). It fits the theme perfectly, the mechanics are simple and again fits the annoying beast behaviour + human interaction (trying to cut your short life even shorter), it works well even on a touchpad and it is difficult enough, took me some 10 tries to beat the human just once but then I developed an airtight (I think) strategy."
--Francesco Ariis

"It is with great regret that I have to inform you that the Giant Mosquito is dead, that bloke is just so fast.... Keep it up Technopeasant, it made me laugh!"



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