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Xfce desktop

Nomad is technical director Graham L. Wilson's present development laptop, a Lenovo 3000 N200 acquired in early March 2012 from a Kijij advertisement (after two months scanning what was available). It succeeded Snape in this capacity, which had previously succeeded Flitwick in March 2008. Despite having reservations over its low memory upon arrival, which was the probable reason it was sold off (somehow ending up with less than it was presumably shipped with), he started using it as his primary laptop soon after, running Fedora on it with LXDE. By May, the memory problem was corrected, bringing it up to 3.9 gigabytes, a larger 200 gigabyte SATA hard drive acquired from a dead second-hand Toshiba laptop was fitted in it, and a dual core Intel processor was acquired on eBay, allowing him to properly adopt it as his main machine. At this time, he updated to a later version of Fedora running Xfce for its desktop environment. A new power supply/power cord was purchased for it after the one it arrived with broke in December 2012, and a cigarette lighter charger was purchased in November 2013. It is presently running Fedora 20 "Hisenbug" with Xfce, on a new 1 terrabyte hard drive, which was installed on December 27, 2013, finishing the machine's hardware upgrades. It broke from the previous trends towards names based on Harry Potter, and is instead named after the rogue space probe Nomad from the Star Trek episode "The Changeling", due to its portable nature. This was selected after studying a list of robots, AIs and computers in fiction, and after failing to find a name inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion, which had just became a favourite.

As of April 2018, the computer has now been replaced by Lore, and has been wiped and is now running Windows 7 on a smaller hard drive.


  • Laptop Model: Lenovo 3000 N200 0769-ALU
  • Operating System: Fedora 20 ("Hisenbug", Xfce) GNU/Linux
  • Video Card: Intel GMA X3500 (945)
  • Memory: 3.9 GB DDR2 667MHz, 200-pin SODIMM
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T8300 2.4 GHz
  • Hard drive: 1 TB SATA