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PigaLore is the Piga Software wiki (previously known just as the Piga Software/Piga Wiki) and was created on August 17, 2007 using the Wiki-Site host. Previous attempts at creating a wiki using other sites were tried but none of them were successful. The wiki has grown to be the primary source of Piga Software information and has rendered the home page as a mere index (even with the wiki's fluctuating health).

New information is likely to be posted on the wiki or on the Piga Software Forum before it ever makes it to the web site. The wiki was hosted with Apache 2.2.3 on a CentOS server on Wiki-Site, and was running on Debian 5.0.8 ("Lenny") with Apache 2.2.16 as of April 27, 2011 on Tropical Wikis.

On April 17, 2011, the wiki moved to its new host at Tropical Wikis. The new host offered backups on demand, a more modern version of the MediaWiki engine, more extensions and more responsive user service. On May 26, 2011 a new logo for the wiki was uploaded as well as the new title of PigaLore. No backups were ever made, and all Tropical Wikis data was destroyed following an attempt to merge into the new Orain host in October 2013.

The wiki was therefore reconstituted on Orain using old Wiki-Site data and entries from the Wayback Machine, with it being opened to the public again on March 1, 2014. Orain was then itself taken out by a denial-of-service attack in September 2015, leading to PigaLore to again be down and wiped for over a year until it was relaunched on Miraheze on December 14, 2016 through to December 26th from the latest extant Orain wiki dump.

The initial creation of the wiki lead to the construction of Hamish and Graham L. Wilson's other successful wiki called the Blood Wiki (covering the games Blood and Blood II: The Chosen), which was also originally hosted by Wiki-Site and was the original proposed move for Tropical Wikis, before receiving another offer from Blood fan website Deathmask. They have also taken up control of the Red Dwarf (Tongue Tied) and Warren Zevon Wikis hosted by Wikia.

They have also edited a variety of other wikis, such as a notable amount of edits to the Libregamewiki and free software and GNU/Linux gaming articles on Wikipedia as part of the Piga Software mission to spread free software.

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