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PigaVision is a free software application for using the television out ports of video cards. It functions as a front-end interface for the XRandR and Xvattr applications. In this way, PigaVision allows users to use TV-out within one central application. It was released on the same day as the first release of Piga's Pumpkin Carving, on Halloween 2008.


The main feature of PigaVison is that it allows you to set your screen resolution and activate your television out port accordingly. It also has settings for playing video files on either your television or computer, and a area that allows users to change their gamma settings. All actions can be seen in greater depth from the "Terminal Output" tab, and help documentation is available from the "Help" and "About" tab of the program.


PigaVision Development Screenshot

After a long time spent searching for a way to use television-out ports on Fedora GNU/Linux, the Piga Software developers finally discovered the XRandR utility after a post on a Fedora support forum. After successfully using both the XRandR and Xvattr tools, Hamish Wilson decided to write a program in Gambas that would allow a user to control their TV-out port using one central interface. Development began on October 9, 2008, originally under the name of "XRandR-GTK". The name was later changed to "PigaVision" to better demonstrate that it was a TV-out utility using several tools, rather than just another graphical user interface for XRandR. The first release was made available on October 31, 2008. A minor release was released later the same day to fix a stray bug discovered in the program. On January 27, 2009, the third release of PigaVision (1.2.0) was made available. It featured various new interface changes and custom resolution and video mode support.


PigaVision, as of August 19, 2009 is ranked 11th in popularity on the Freecode page for the Gambas category. It has a popularity score of 30.33, a vitality score of 1.06, and three subscriptions. This is since January 1, 2009. PigaVision remains undisturbed if entered into Google Search, outranking a former European magazine which used to show up. For more Freecode statistics: click here!


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