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Speech Generator is a stand-alone component of Piga Animator that allows the creation of speech files for amplitudinal mouths powered by the Gambas Performance System. It also functions as a front-end system for various free software text-to-speech engines, most notably eSpeakNG. Development began in April 2017 initially as a feature within Sprite Stage, the only component at the time.

Top Bar[edit]

Top bar features audio transcript, sound length and sample rate options

Side Bar[edit]


"Mouth And Lips" - controls the mouth shape, type, placement and other factors.


"Audio Waveforms" - controls the production of audio waveforms from sound files.


"Text To Speech" - front-end for text-to-speech clients eSpeak.

Bottom Bar[edit]

Bottom bar displays the current waveform with options to trim, re-colour, resize, recreate, reverse, and randomize.

Corner Controls[edit]

Features the ability to play, pause and stop playback. Load a speech file or save it.