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This is a time line of the history of Piga Software. All of these dates are in the Common Era (CE).



Original Piga Logo
  • August 12: Piga Software is founded by Hamish and Graham Wilson as "Piga Entertainment".
  • The first version of the Piga Software website is created by Graham and hosted by Fateback.
  • September: "Piga Entertainment" becomes Piga Software, reflecting the larger product range Piga is after.
  • Malcolm Wilson Multimedia creates the "Piga Software Theme".
  • Work is done on several adventure and similar type games, some written in Visual Basic and others written in HTML.
  • The first intended Piga Software program, a text editor, is finished but is not able to be uploaded. This is the beginning of a long standing problem of finding a file host.


Billy Bear


Donut Quest
  • January 1: Fedora Core 4 is first installed on Hamish's "Griffindor" computer.
  • Summer: Piga Software, Malcolm Wilson Multimedia, and the Brogo web comic begin working on a game together.
  • The original Free Empires project in Game Maker 6.1 for Microsoft Windows is begun.
  • October 30: Piga Software releases Donut Quest for Microsoft Windows, it was made in Game Maker 5.1.
  • Alongside the Microsoft Windows Free Empires project, many other prototype and design ideas for real time strategy games are created.
  • Work on an attempted early version of Windys is attempted in Game Maker but the project is eventually abandoned.


FE SR 2.0
  • March-April: Harry Rabbit's Easter Egg Hunt, the last game of the Piga Windows Entertainment Pack is created by Graham Wilson.
  • April: work on Free Empires is started for GNU/Linux, being made in Gambas.
  • May: the modern Piga Software Forum is created by Hamish, hosted by Forumer.
  • June 15: the first source release of Free Empires is released for GNU/Linux.
  • August 17: the PigaLore is created by Hamish and Graham, hosted by Wiki-Site.
  • October: Graham starts working on Piga Nation based of an original Game Maker-era idea called "Piga Government".
  • October 8: work was done on an inital Gambas version of Piga's Thanksgiving Dinner Hunt (Canadian Thanksgiving 2007).
  • October 25: Open Empires a third-party project inspired by, but with different goals from Free Empires is announced on the Piga Software Forum.
  • October 26: the original intended release date for the second Free Empires source release, the tenth anniversary of Age of Empires.
  • November 9: the second source release of Free Empires is released, it was delayed by upload problems.


Piga's Pumpkin Carving 1.0
  • Piga Software begins to host information on its wiki to help other free software projects.
  • Febuary: Graham Wilson purchases the Dell Latitude D600 that is to known as "Snape" - preloaded with Windows XP.
  • March: development on Windys begins for GNU/Linux in Gambas; Fedora 8 and Gambas are installed on Snape.
  • March 24: Extreme Tux Racer and Free Empires become partner projects.
  • July 15: a mouse movement tech demo for Gambas Genie (Free Empires engine) is released.
  • Summer: Hamish and Graham begin creating the Gambas Examples - example programs and code to help Gambas programmers.
  • October 9: development begins on PigaVision under the name "XRandR-GTK".
  • October 27: development begins on Piga's Pumpkin Carving.
  • October 31: PigaVision and Piga's Pumpkin Carving are released.


Alexei: Part IX 1.0
Windys 1.0
  • January 27: version of 1.2.0 of PigaVision is released.
  • April 18: development begins on Alexei: Part IX.
  • May: development begins on Lamp Refugee.
  • May 19: Alexei: Part IX is released after a month of development.
  • May 31: version 1.2.0 of Alexei: Part IX is released.
  • July 31: version 1.2.5 of Alexei: Part IX is released.
  • Summer: work begins on Alexei: Part XIII as a sequal to Part IX.
  • August 12: Windys is released in part to commemorate fifth anniversary of Piga Software.
  • September 1: version 1.2.0 of Windys is released.
  • October 26: the first Source Release of Lamp Refugee is completed.
  • October 27: work on version 1.5 of Piga's Pumpkin Carving begins.
  • October 31: version 1.5 of Piga's Pumpkin Carving is released.
  • December 25: Graham updates to Fedora 12 and installs Gambas 2 onto his machine.



Piga's Thanksgiving Dinner Hunt
  • May 17: Hamish Wilson won the Linux Gaming News contest for his article on his efforts to get the Chzo Mythos more conveniently running on GNU/Linux and thus won a free copy of the GNU/Linux-compatible game Osmos.
  • June 30: version 1.2.8 of Alexei: Part IX is released.
  • August 15: Hamish releases his GNU/Linux binaries for the Chzo Mythos to the world; hosted by icculus.org.
  • August 26: Hamish releases an improved version of his builds as well as ones for 1213 and Adventures in A Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment.
  • August 14: Following the success of his Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw game binaries on icculus.org, Hamish requests a project area for Piga.
  • August 25: Ryan C. Gordon responds and sets out the initial framework for the Piga project area.
  • Summer: the initial idea of a preview release for Alexei: Part XIII is thought up.
  • October 7: Ryan C. Gordon, delayed by such matters as getting married, finishes setting up the new Piga project area.
  • October 11: work begins on what would become the final version of Piga's Thanksgiving Dinner Hunt (Canadian Thanksgiving 2010).
  • October 26: all Piga files are uploaded to the group's new icculus.org account as is a new draft of the website.
  • October 29: mention of the move makes it onto LinuxGames alongside a general community poll on project hosting.
  • October 31: the first new release on icculus.org is completed in the form of version 2.0 of Piga's Pumpkin Carving.
  • November 21: work begins on getting Piga's Thanksgiving Dinner Hunt ready for release.
  • November 25: Piga's Thanksgiving Dinner Hunt is made avaible for download (American Thanksgiving 2010).
  • December 4: initial work on Piga's Santa Drop Down is begun.
  • December 21: the push to complete Piga's Santa Drop Down is initiated.
  • December 25: Piga's Santa Drop Down is released.
  • December 29: development begins proper on Piga's New Years Dodge 'Em.


LR SR 2.0


CC SR 2.0 development


Isometric Projection


Smooth Movement Plus Diagonals


  • June: work begins on the Gambas Projection Engine.
  • September: Orain is taken out by a cracker attack; PigaLore is down for over a year.




  • April: Nomad is replaced by Lore as Graham's main development machine.
  • March: Graham finishes work on allowing for adaptive tile refresh in the Gambas Tile System.
  • Graham re-writes the renderer for the Gambas Projection Engine to allow for more open spaces.






  • January 31: version 1.5.0 of Mosquito is released.
  • February: Pasture is drafted but not submitted for that month's LibreJam.
  • April: Power Mad is drafted but not submitted for that month's LibreJam.
  • October 30: version 1.0.0 of Nightfall is released.